Discover the benefits of Ceremonial Cacao With Espiritu Cacao

Whether you're already using cacao or you are curious as to how it works these three FREE videos will assist you in unlocking the benefits of this sacred and ancient chocolate medicine!


Ceremonial cacao is not your average chocolate, it's pure and has minimal processing unlike other processed chocolate including the cacao nibs you might find in health shops. Sign up below to find out more.


Espiritu Cacao comes direct from Peru and is 100% pure ceremonial grade cacao, each pod or block is lovingly crafted and undergoes a special ceremony to bless the cacao and bring out the unique spirit of the plant just for you.

Your 3 FREE Videos

Video 1 explains how to use ceremonial grade cacao. It covers the topics of Cacao as food and Cacao as medicine.  Healing habits with Cacao, and improving mental focus and energy levels.


Video 2 is about the spiritual and meditative aspects of Cacao. It explains how to consume Cacao for a personal ceremony.  This video also covers releasing negative emotions, setting intentions, and opening the heart for personal transformation.


Video 3 gives you a guided meditation to help open the heart even more, to receive the intentions and guidance that you have called for whilst consuming your cacao.


BONUS! A PDF document which shows you how to create a sacred Cacao drink.

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Some of the beauties of Cacao

Medicine for Health

Cacao is  a medicine that's great for the heart, it helps reduce the risk of heart disease and lowers blood pressure. Cacao is nutrient rich and full of anti-oxidants

Protection Against Illness

Studies suggest that cacao can be effective in lowering inflammation, may help with coughs, can strengthen tooth enamel and boosts mood.

Medicine for the Soul

Cacao has long been known to have profound spiritual effects and healing. She's a heart opening medicine, and gently supports you to  release limitations and blockages spiritual  that may be holding you back. 


Cacao is rich in heart protecting flavinols, and one of the richest sources of anti-oxidants in the world.  Cacao contains theobromine, a gentle stimulant which helps to give you energy and regulate important bodily functions 


Cacao has long been used by the indigenous people of Central and South America in ritual and ceremony to provide creative, spiritual, and physical energy.  Cacao is often used for gentle shamanic and meditative practices

Unlocking Potential

Cacao is known as a natural "heart opener". It helps you to unlock your potential and connect to yourself, others, and nature.  She'll  gently remind you of your natural talents, gifts and creativity.  You'll open up  to receive more love, empathy and limitless possibilities  

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